Tempo trk bar numbers rounding

Hi! I just found a small one, that meight be touched in future updates:
when typing exact BAR no. , it rouds downwards:

and an old-old request regarding: is still kept on the list for future updates

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… fixed, next update.

… what was that? The Cubase Tempo Track is already imported with a Media Project File? That’s not enough? You need the option to import only the Tempo Track (*.smt)?

:smiling_face: oooh!


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Yes, Cubase *.smt isn’t recognised by VSTLive,
but I think “tempo+sign” build from MIDI track meight be more helpful/versatile for users (even for people are using different DAWs).

For sure booth MIDI tpo & smt import will be welcome in future updates, as tpo+sign track re-build is a time consuming thing.