Temporarily disable the 'Auto-Shift Clips On The Right'


Is it possible in WL7 to temporarily disable the ‘Auto-Shift Clips On The Right’-Feature? I mean something like a Modifier-Shortcut.
I ask because I have a hard time to figure out if this feature is turned on or off.
For my workflow it would be great to have it turned on all the time, and only temporarily disabled it while adjusting clip-boundaries to the right…


In menu Options / Customize commands…
write “Auto-S” in the search field
select what you need, then go to
“Edit shortcut” and create a shortcut
then click OK

and good to have Modes in the Command bars
to see when you have selected your shortcut or not !

regards S-EH

Tanks for answering!
I wasn’t clear enough. Of course I have already assigned a shortcut for that, in my case ‘Y’.
What I want to do is: Have Auto-Shift enabled all the time, then have it disabled WHILST
pressing another Key (Modifier), then release this Key to go back to Auto-Shift.
So I don’t have to toggle the Shortcut for Auto-S all the time, it’s always on and only temporarily disabled…
Sorry, I hope ist doesn’t sound too confusing :slight_smile:
Regards, Oliver