Temporarily remove multirest from part in write mode

Is there a way in which you can temporarily remove multirests from a part in write mode?
It would be nice to be able to input notes, with only one part showing at a time.
Minimizes navigational issues and gives a better overview when writing for only 1 instrument.
Kind regards Carsten Coach

Only by turning them off for that layout within Layout Options. See Hiding/Showing multi-bar rests

Note that
a. If you’re inputting from the caret, Cmd/Ctrl-Right will advance the caret by a bar at a time, including through multi-bar rests. You don’t necessarily need to disable multi-bar rests in order to enter notes within them. They will split as soon as you input some notes, of course.
b. Any enharmonic respelling you do in part layouts will not be transferred to the score (and can’t currently be automatically propagated to the score). Depending on the type of music you’re handling, and whether you’re using a MIDI keyboard or not, it may be sensible to work with a separate full score layout with only one assigned player.

“Depending on the type of music you’re handling, and whether you’re using a MIDI keyboard or not, it may be sensible to work with a separate full score layout with only one assigned player.”
Yeah, I was looking for that but was not able to figure out how to do it. And I don’t know how to search for it on the help page.
:slight_smile: Carsten Coach

Take a look at e.g. this video.

In setup mode, right column (layouts list), you’ll find little icons below, to create new full score, new part or new custom layouts. Pick the one you need, then your new layout appears down on the list. When it’s selected, you can tick the instruments on the left list (players) that you want to appear on this new layout.
This layout will have the options you’ll choose for it in the Layout options (make sure you select this layout in the layout options window, right list)

Hope it helps!

To add a new full score layout, see the steps here. Then change the players and/or flows assigned to it.

Thank you all, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.
Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to work on a piece of music in full score view.
I would like to be able to work with only one instrument/part in view at a time. And that is why I am looking for a way to temporarily remove multirest from a part.
Now bear with me, cause I can best explain what I want by a comparison.
In Sibelius you can go to an empty part, whitch will appear as it does in Dorico -full of multirests.
In Sibelius you have the option to select “Show Multirest” or deselect “Show Multirest”.
That is the function I am looking for.
But pianoleo gave me another way of doing what I want.
I go to the Setup page and choose “Full Score” in layouts. Then I go to the left side and deselect the players, I don’t want to view at the moment.
And with that solution, would it be possible for you to add a “select all/deselect all” menu option under “Players”?

Instead of selecting the full score layout then unticking each player, first select all the players you don’t want (ie all of them except the one you want) then untick the full score layout. The relationship goes both ways - so that it’s generally quicker to select the larger number first then untick the smaller number.

For flows, you can right-click layouts and assign all/no flows.

Helloooo… That’s nice. :slight_smile:
Thank you. That was the solution I was looking for.
Hehe… Nice.
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Carsten Coach

Another solution is: Make a new full score layout with multirest disabled. I use that one to input notes, and then switch back to the ‘normal’ full score layout to engrave.

The quickest way as of a Dorico 4 is probably to use instrument filters in the full score layout. See Instrument filters for details.