Temporarily reverting CB8 upgrade back to Cubase 6

I had Cubase 6, and recently bought the upgrade to Cubase 8… I’m having some major issues with mysteriously disconnecting VST’s. For part of my troubleshooting, I’d like to return to Cubase 6 to test the same issue to help determine if it is a Cubase problem or a problem with my computer or the VST in question. However my license won’t let me run Cubase 6 anymore. Not sure why an upgrade has to disable access to the previous version.

How can I get Cubase 6 back active on my E-Licenser for testing and troubleshooting purposes?

You don’t need Cubase 6 on your e-licenser. Your Cubase 8 license will allow you to use Cubase 6. Just install Cubase 6 and start using it.

Odd, mine is giving me an eLicenser Control Error - Please connect a valid eLicenser and restart application. Yet it works fine Cubase 8 on the same machine.

*** Edit - looks like it was due to not having the latest version of the eLicenser software. Thanks for the help, it’s working now.