Temporary Change Playback Tempo Bug in 4.1?

Dear Dorico Team - did you change a way how we could temporary change a playback tempo? I was dragging usually tempo mark up and down with a mouse. Is this behaviour a bug in 4.1?
2022-06-04 13.37.33

It’s not a bug, although the behaviour changed in version 4 – now, when it’s in fixed tempo mode (with the dark background behind the crotchet and the equals sign) you can click once on the tempo to bring up a slider. It’s described briefly here, although a more complete set of instructions will be part of the updated Play mode section of the manual.

O, thank you again. I didn’t come across an idea to click on tempo just once. Solved😊

I have to say I find it way less easy to change the playback tempo now. Why changing it. It was much easier and better the old way. Now one needs way more clicks to change it!

Is there any way to adjust the playback tempo other than dragging the slider? The slider’s range is 1-500 so it’s difficult or impossible to set the tempo precisely. (As I remember it, the old vertical dragging method was more precise.)

Incidentally, “playback tempo” doesn’t seem to be recognized as a search term in the manual.

It might be simply the case that playback tempo as a phrase is not in the manual.
In the Dorico 5 manual, if you either go to playback in the index or search for just playback, there are quite a few pages which are relevant.

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Are you searching the PDF or the webhelp? The webhelp search function is much more flexible, and benefits from additional metadata embedded in topics that won’t come up in the PDF (where the search relies on hard-baked text).

Of course, the primary method of changing the playback tempo is to input an appropriate tempo/metronome mark.

I am using webhelp. When I first did the search, no options were offered, but on retrying just now I got some options from which it was easy enough to get to the relevant information.

I’m aware that I could enter a tempo in the score itself. In this case I’m exporting the same flow as audio at incrementally increasing tempos as practice tracks for students, so setting the fixed playback tempo would be very convenient.

It’s possible that you had a small typo in your search term, if nothing at all came back. Our in-built webhelp isn’t as flexible as a third-party search engine, it requires exact spelling matches.

Thank you. That’s useful to know.

I find that adjusting a fixed tempo mark is just as easy as using the tempo slider to investigate different tempos.

Agreed. I really just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a more precise way of setting the fixed playback tempo that I’d missed. I guess the answer to that is no.