Temporary clef in score only?

Trying to recreate a score that frequently uses tenor clef in the score to save vertical space, but keeps everything in bass in the parts. Any way to this without coping the music into a second player that’s hidden in the score?

This? Not 100% sure it’s what you’re after. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=122747#p933803

Nope, doesn’t help. No transposition involved. Cello and Bassoon.

It is what you are after. A transposed part for cello or bassoon looks identical to a concert pitch part, except for the clefs!

I’m confused though… transposed versions of those instruments don’t exist.

That’s OK: you can specify whether the layout is shown in concert or transposed pitch, and indeed a part for a cellor or bassoon will be shown in transposed pitch by default anyway (since all part layouts are shown transposed by default), and this is helpful in this case because it allows you to have different clefs.

So, if I have my Full Score in transposing pitch and want the bassoon clef change only in the score, then I have to make my basson part concert pitch? How?

What if I want to change the clef of the French Horn in the Score but want the part to be always in treble clef? How can I do that with a transposing Full Score?

As of Dorico 5, you can hide clefs in each layout if necessary.

Any workaround possible in D4?