Temporary closure of the Steinberg online shop

Dear all,
we’re currently in the process of getting SpectraLayers listed in additional online shops operating in Europe and other territories and hope to have this completed during first week of October.
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. As you can imagine, this situation is very difficult for us as well, but I’m confident that we’ll be back to normal operation sometime soon. In the meantime, we’re working on intermediate solutions.

Many thanks for your loyalty, support & understanding,


It was worth a try, and the fact that it didn’t work out isn’t your fault!


I have a request to Steinberg:

PLEASE extend the trial period for all trials up unto the point in time when a new online shop is available.

I’m downloading the Halion 7 trial, and I’m afraid the 30 days trial period won’t be long enough to cover the time until I can buy the Absolute 5 to 6 upgrade…


The same idea came to me when reading the last posts in this thread.


Why is everybody so impatient? I bet the shop is online within a week from now… There is no bigger nightmare than downtime on the most important sales channel.


If your trial is expiring and the online shop is not available at that point, you can contact a Steinberg staff member (for example, you can send me a direct message), and we can manually extend your trial period as needed.


Great! Thank you very much @dspreadbury :pray:

@rvheesw Yes, that would be best. But I have a gut feeling, that this might take much longer than a week. Because…: a new legal agreement has to be setup, probably software (e-shop system) has to be written or adapted, and a lot of data entered and configuration work to be done. This might not be feasible to implement in a week or two. But I hope I’m wrong.


@pschneider1968 You have successfully turned this topic into your own personal issue thread.

You seem to be the only one “desperately” trying to purchase something right now. Seriously, why can this purchase not wait?




For anybody who feels an urge…


@Scab_Pickens Yes, and I think there’s nothing wrong with that. I tried to help myself, but found that I couldn’t. So I came here for help, and to discuss the issue. That’s what this forum is for.

Why I can’t wait? I was planning this upgrade for several weeks. Now at this weekend I have time, finally, and found that I can’t buy it. That’s absurd. Do you think it’s normal that a company closes their most important sales channel from one day to the other? Do you think it’s normal that a company can’t sell the stuff they develop?

I have invested a lot of money in Steinberg products, and this absurd situation worries me a lot. During the Covid pandemic, a lot of good companies have gone broke and vanished. That’s sad, and I don’t want that to happen to Steinberg. Do you understand that?

If this thread bores you, please go find another one. There are lots of other topics and threads in this forum which might entertain you more.


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No it is obviously not normal and to my recollection this is the first time in over two decades this has happened. At least I can’t recall this ever happening before and I’ve been on Nuendo since version 1. So that’s over two decades.

Also as the previous gentleman pointed out this isn’t Steinberg’s fault. A 3rd party b2b filed for bancruptcy.

And you can’t wait? Lol, what? Do you use your SB software for a living? If you do you would surely be set up so that you can go without spending more money on software for like another month at least. If you don’t then you’re a hobbyist and there’s no rush. You can wait.



I would like to commend the Steinberg staff who have taken time out of their weekends to answer questions here, in the face of the inevitable “internet meltdowns” we increasingly seem to have to deal with.

People who are upset about the temporary loss of just one of several online software purchasing facilities have clearly never experienced hunger.


how can u be contacted? because my trial is about to expire and i have projects that i need to finish…

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Click on his avatar and the following menu pops up and you use the “Message” option. If you don’t see “Message” here’s how you fix it.

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You can click on a user avatar, and then click the message button, or visit their forum profile and do it from there.

As far as Trust Levels. @Ariel_Tzabbar can send PMs.

On this forum,

No surprise. I had several dissatisfying experiences with that company I privately began calling AssNet.

I’ve asked AssNet for support several times and they returned silence. I’m not certain how good they’ve been for Steinberg’s corporate image.