Tempotext: Text after metronome indication


I have a special request concerning tempo indication:

I need a format that firstly states the tempo as BPM an afterwards has space for a text:

An option would be nice to allow prefix an suffix text to the metronome indication.


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Until that happens, you can always enter your tempo as a MM marking and then follow it with System Text. That may actually be more flexible (fonts, etc.) than grouping everything as a tempo indication.

Hi Derrek,

thanks for your reply!

The advantage of treating the elements as a one group would be, that they would be kept together, even if the note spacing changes.
I had exactly this “problem” with combining the MM marking with a text element.

Maybe this function will find its way to a future version.


+1 this would also be advantageous for many film scores where you’d like to show how much a tempo has changed, i.e. after the new metronome marking, in parenthesis (+3) or (-5), etc. Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate a simple prefix/ suffix setting in that lower panel. Better yet, a switch or setting you can turn on or off that automatically calculates your change and puts it in parenthesis right after the metronome marking! Thanks for considering.

This is on our backlog for including in the future, but I can’t say for sure when it will be done, I’m afraid.