Tempotrack from Cubase, Dorico adds time

When importing a midifile from Cubase as tempotrack, Dorico adds time before the first marker, specifically, Dorico adds 00:02:35:00 before the first marker (at bar 1 in Cubase).

When importing the same midifile to Pro Tools, this behaves as expected, first marker at 00:00.

I have set the TC to match the videofile, and have tried to check/uncheck the box with TC-offset in the import-dialogue.

midifile attached


Only the markers behave strangely; tempo changes are correct on importing tempotrack.
—> But; weirdly, the markers are imported correctly in the FIRST flow, then they get offset by an exponentially increasing distance from bar 1.

Here are the TC of Marker 1 in 4 flows, into all of which I imported the same midifile from Cubase:
Flow 1: Marker 1 “START” at 00:00:00:00
Flow 2: Marker 1 "START at 00:00:57:09
Flow 3: Marker 1 "START at 00:03:28:03
Flow 4: Marker 1 "START at 00:10:12:05

The distance to Marker 1 is exponentially increasing (by3?) for each imported midifile… (or is there a hidden Fibonacci-bug somewhere @John_at_Steinberg …? )

Exported midifile from Cubase Pro.midi.zip (850 Bytes)