Tenor clef with tenor voice

This topic has been discussed before, but not since 2019 as far as I can find, so I thought I’d see if anything has changed. I am copying some music into Dorico which uses the alto clef for the alto voice and tenor clef for the tenor voice. As has been observed before, the tenor voice is treated as a transposing instrument, so it sounds an octave lower than what it ought to when notated on the tenor clef.

I have got around this by using “Voice” and renaming it tenor, then it behaves as it should.

I just wonder if there is a more elegant solution, for instance, is there a way to tell Dorico not to treat the tenor voice as transposing?


There are two tenor voice instruments, one that transposes, and the other. Choose the other and you’re set.

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Oh, I did not notice those choices. Thank you, glad I asked!

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You also need to ‘Respect the octave’** in the Notation Options for clef.

** Trying to think up a graphic image for that.


It works fine in tenor clef without that, but I suppose if I were to switch to the octave-dropped treble clef, it wouldn’t work without that option. Good to know.

Now I’ve got an image in my head of a person doing a formal Japanese bow to a large figure 8…

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I was going for a Godfather type of thing, but yes.

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Respect the Chemistry
“The chemistry must be respected.”

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