Tenors engraving issues

I have no idea how to search for this (I promise I tried), or how to even set the topic… so here it goes:
When writing for a SATB choir, something happens with the Tenor specifically regarding system breaks (it doesn’t matter if those are “natural” or forced breaks). For example, look at the ties between bars 57 and 58 in the following example:

Sopranos, altos and basses behave all right; but the tenors staff, for some reason hides the continuation tie in bar 58. If I change the system break (breaking it a bar before of a bar after), everything goes back to normal.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-10-07 a la(s) 10.45.46 a. m.

The same things happens with lyrics. You can see it in the previous image (the four voices have “ra-” the previous bar, followed by “-zón” in bar 57). All but the tenor staff show the continuation dash before “zón”.
Here’s another example:
Captura de Pantalla 2022-10-07 a la(s) 10.52.30 a. m.
This happens consistently throughout the whole score, and not only in this score but in any new score.
Does the 8ve treble clef has something to do with it?

This is typically a divisi/condensing limitation… From your picture it’s ambiguous as to whether either of those functions are playing a part in this project.

Thanks Leo for your input. I am indeed using condensation for divisi, although in the particular cases of the images, the tenors had no condensing going on; but yes, condensing is turned on for this layout.

The main purpose/benefit of condensing is to merge staves that need to be separate in other layouts, e.g. Parts.

On the assumption that you’re not producing other layouts for the voice parts, it’s a lot easier just to use two voices on one staff, and judicious system breaks.

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Thanks for your recommendation, Ben.
I use divisi in choral writing for audio exporting purposes; this way I can generate an audio file for each voice much more easily than using two voices in the same staff. Also, there are some passages that have enough polyphony to deserve separate staves for the same section.