Terrible performance on OSX


I have a Mac Pro from early 2010 which I used to run via Bootcamp to boot Windows XP. I used Cubase SX 3 as well as 5 on this system. Performance overall used to be great, apart from the 1GB RAM limitation from windows XP.

Because of this, I switched to OSX 10.7. I did a clean install of everything: OSX, Cubase 5 plus Kontakt and Omnisphere and some waves plugins as demo.

Since the switch to OSX the performance is terrible… I have a session with 2 instances of Battery, plus one instance of Omnisphere. Two audio tracks, no further plugins used, buffer size set to 128 on a RME Fireface 800. I get CPU spikes all over the place.

Impossible to work like this!

Obviously I don’t want to up the buffer size because of latency. I used to run 150+ tracks on Windows XP with 10 virtual instruments plus many many plugins; no problem. Now, the system craps out at 3 vsti’s and a plugin… What is going on?

I tried both Cubase 5 and 6, 32 bit, 64 bit. All the same. I read about OSX performance being not as good as windows for Cubase, but this is a joke!

Any thoughts?



try to optimize your Mac OS X. Switch off everything, for what is system waiting - screen saver, switching display off, sleeping disc, etc. Switch off all graphics thinks. And use Repair Disk Permission from the Disk Utility.

Find Mac OS X optimize on the Steinberg web page (I think, this is in the Knowladgebase).