Test DMX Connection Lamps <-> DMX Controller?

“Hello World” :slight_smile:
I know this is probably a stupid question here. But I’m not sure if something is broken or incompatible in my DMX setup. Is there a function with which one can check the VErbindung on the part of VSL Live to the DMX controller (All lamps on 100% etc.)? I have a USB DMX adapter from ENTTEC (Open DMX USB Interface 512 CH) including adapter cable from 5 pole to 3 pole. I have NoName STrahler, but which work on a normal DMX controller. The controller is recognized, so far I’ve come :slight_smile: Please for help. Thank you and greetings Jens


Here we go
. Open the TRACKS module and add a DMX Track to it.
. Open the Inspector of the track
. For Input select “DMX Mixer In”
. For Output select “DMX USB”
. Activate the Monitor Button of the DMX Track
. Open the DMX module. Every change of a DMX channel will be send to the DMX Track and to your DMX USB Interface.

Does it work?

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, all this does not bring the hoped for success. Here’s what I did: Created a DMX track and set the DMX mixer as input and my USB DMX controller as output. Now when I record something, the events also appear in the track (when I use the DMX mixer). It also shows me a deflection on the CPU bar at the bottom left. If I then play the track, then the position indicator stops briefly and the CPU bar goes up. At the lamps themselves, however, nothing moves. However, something seems to arrive, because my terminator has an indicator light at the last lamp, if a signal comes through. I asked again. What is the monitor button (I see there only a microphone and a record button) :smiley: Many greetings Jens

We will check this in detail, thanks. Your description of CPU activity hints to a problem wit processing DMX data. Thanks for repprting!

We found the problem, will be fixed next version (very soon).

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Hi there :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick fix regarding the “CPU clipping”. But I still can’t get the lamps or the interface to work. I have really tried everything and I am desperate.

Could it be that the Enttec Open DMX USB interface used is not properly recognized or supported by the software?

Thanks for an answer

After the Update to the Lamps are running. But some Time its hangs/Lags a little bit.