Test Papers

Is anyone producing test papers yet?

Excuse me, this might seem a silly question… What are test papers ?

Not silly at all. I probably wasn’t as clear as I could have been. :wink:

I teach school Music, age four to sixteen. At the moment, I use Sibelius to prepare Exams (test papers) for the students. This is one of the features Daniel mentioned in one of the entries on the “Making Notes” blog, so I was wondering if any of the Music Educators here had started using Doric for that.

I also use Sibelius for preparing teaching material and like the helpful assistant with lots of templates.

In Dorico the frame editor gives you the absolute freedom in putting a page together.
Here my first (little) attempt in combining music, graphic and text elements:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-19 um 15.51.25.png
The announced option for exporting and importing custom page layouts will be helpful in creating a library for often used template layouts.

This is exciting! :open_mouth:

Thanx for sharing! :slight_smile:


In case you’re not aware, the January Discover Dorico session had some tutorial info on this type of application.


Thanks for the reminder musicmaven. my example was in fact inspired by the video from John Barron.

The section in the video about frames starts at 11:01:


I loved what you did! Excellent.

Thank you, BobMusic and MusicMaven!

That is now on my “to do” list for the Easter holidays. :mrgreen: