Testcase for video game

I am currently working on a videogame and they maybe want some orchestral pieces on it.
This is new for me, I made some orchestrations a few years ago but not for real.

I also don’t have packages like vienna and such. I downloaded the HSO add on for Halion 4.5 to see how it works.


I still have to figure out the so called VST expressions? Really don’t know what the implications are.

Anyway, this is my first try out.

I also worked with the UAD LA-2A on this one, also the demo version, but man, that is a compressor!
With very little effort it’s capable of getting very superieur results.

Any comment is highly appreciated!

Greetz Dylan.

cool stuff dylan, can’t say I have anything more to add, lol

Sounds good Dylan! I’ve always been fascinated with this type of thing. I wouldn’t know where to start. A nice departure from the styles I’ve heard from you previously. I can definitely imagine this going along with some video game scenes.

Thanks for replie Bob and Scab!

@Scab, I have some classical background, making electronic music is something from the past 5 to 7 years actually.
To be honest, composing an electronic piece or classical piece is not that different IMO.
The chord progressions, Riffs and scales can be very similar.

Greetz Dylan.

I don’t know much about classical sample libraries and such, but the music is a burst of ideas put together nicely, which sounds fitting for a video game. Nice work!

Game is for I phone/pad, and a bit cartoonisch, so luckely it’s a bit light , because I don’t have the equipment to create these big epic Hollywood score like things.

Greetz Dylan.

I like it Dylan, seems I guessed it right about it being a game track without reading it here. Means it must be good. :smiley:

Retarded forum really, typed a decent reply and it took me to the login page (even though I was logged in) after clicking submit, which then erased the message and failed to post it. Whoever coded these webpages for Steinberg need to be sacked…monkeys.

Anyway, I basically just said great job, I liked the slightly odd melody. Pretty reminiscent of the Zelda N64 era, but also kinda reminded me of scores for like Disney’s Kim Possible tv series. The latest “epic” hollywood samples weren’t even out back then so the samples they used then worked well considering the style of the animation. Likewise, whether out of being forced to from not having those epic samples, I think these kinda sounds work much better for the kinda game you said it’s for. Enjoyed the composition, good job so far. Good luck with the project.

Sounds pretty good, Dylan!
A nice change from your usual songs (which are good also BTW, don’t get me wrong… :wink: ).


Hey,… yeah this track would work well for a game. liked it a lot . Sounds like you getting into some cool stuff, good luck with it. :slight_smile: