Tested Re-Conform

Hi guys, wanted to share the great news so far,. I tested the new re-conform on a film project yesterday. One that I had already re-conformed (which took me several hours). Happy to report all works fantastic and Nuendo goes beyond with the preview feature and replacing the final conform directly to the right timecode (and only took 15minutes). Again Steinberg leading in innovation no doubt. Thanks for your amazing product. I’ve been a steinberg supported for many many years and appreciate all that you guys do.

Allow me to add another successstory.
For those who follow the world of movies a bit.

We have dubbed and mixed “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” right in the middle of the beta process of Nuendo 7.

This is actually a trilogy, consisting of a “Him”, “Her” and “Both” movie. All of 3 about 100 minutes.
“Both” tells the story of them both, “Him” is the same movie, but from his point of view, and “Her” is from her point of view. About 35% of “Him” and “Her” is the same of “Both”, but there were also many scenes which were equal, but had other takes in them or were re-edited. We compared the movies and created our own EDL files, allowing us to translate and dub only the portions that were needed in “Him” and “Her”. Just before final mix, we merged the projects, and it took about 5 minutes for hundreds of tracks, lines, words, bits and pieces to fall into place.
We opened a bottle that evening. :slight_smile:

The reconform is indeed amazing.


Amazing Fredo, thanks for sharing. Now we can continue to focus on the creative aspects of sound with the help of these awesome technical tools!!, something Steinberg as always been intuitive about:).

Sounds like a really cool project that I will definitely take a look at.



Timeline Audio

How did you create those files? Can you give more information?

We compared the reference audio of the mutual scenes, and cut the equal audio exactly to length.
So we ended up with a "compare"audio track just underneath the reference audio track.
Right underneath, we “filled the gaps” with dummy audio, this gave us the “new stuff” in the movies.
We created marker tracks from both.
The one with equal audio gave us the “destination” in and out TC.
Then we selected each individual part (of that compare track) and performed a “move to origin”.
This gave us the source in and out TC.
All that info was translated into marker tracks, set locators to event, create marker.

That gave us all of the information of what needed to be translated (and dubbed) and what would be re-used from the main movie.

We then -first of all- final mixed the main movie, which had 100% unique content.

Just before final mix of the two (let me call them) spinoffs, the only thing left to do was copy/pasting the information from the marker tracks into a CMX text file, and load these into the conforming tool!
And BAM, the gaps (the common content) were filled and mixed, giving us a great lead to mix the remaining parts of those movies.

We have saved days and days of work. For everyone …


Hi ,

Can this tool EDL conform location sound at the beginning of a job, as well as Re conforming existing projects?


hi Mike, use EDLtranslate by www.ap-sound.de This tool conforms the location sound at an EDL to a track archive XML.

best regards


See my workflow above your post.


Hi Fredo,

great story, thanks for sharing!


I use the reconform to get all the needed source material from previous episode into the current one for the “recap” in the beginning of each episode for a TV series I’m currently mixing (“The Bridge”). Works a treat.
The only issue is how to get it into the current project from the old one. We still need improvements in the “import session data” style.

I also use to to CONFORM (not reconform) location sound for another series. But it is still way to cumbersome to use this way. It still needs to much human assistance to get things done.

I agree, it woks, but needs too much assistance.
I end up with cuts that are 0 frames length and need to manually trim the left edge to the desired length.
Also is there a way to import not all multichannel files onto the same track, but STARTING at the same track.
Or to spread clips to different tracks?


Plus, can we make Nuendo name the clips according to the Metadata please.
In PT you get (Boom) or (Lav Character Name), if the location sound has the data.


Not what you asked for, but you are aware that this info can now be displayed in The Project Window Infoline!?


It seems that the info is hidden deep in the BWF Description (that’s where the field recorder put it)
Now I have split the files from mutliwav to monos.
Is there a way to show the channel information on the given file? Since sTRK3=Boom, this would mean Nuendo’d have to display the Center File as Boom…


Thanks for this :slight_smile:

No not yet. I hope it’s coming soon.


I have a small problem here. Maybe you guys can help me out?
I’m just trying to re-conform the edit of a feature film. When I import the “old” & “new” EDL It doesn’t show some of the ID’s of the EDL list (but I can see them in a text file). If I re-conform then most of the edits will sync but some are left out & these are the ones that I don’t see in my re-conformation window. What am I doing wrong? I can send screenshots if it helps to resolve my problem.
I’ll be really happy if someone gives me advice - how to move forward


If you could upload a screenshot of the re-conform window and a part of the edl (containing IDs that work and some that do not…then I would take a look


If you want to use the reconform window to conform audio with an audio edl, ask the editor to export the audio edl without fades for smoother operation.