Testing N10 - An interesting (and good) thing.

Today I tested taking a project back and forwards between N10 and N8 without making any changes. It worked faultlessly. (the project was started in N8)

Then I tried using Melodyne/ARA to modify a vocal part in N10 - I saved the changes and then opened the project back in N8. The project played back properly but without the Melodyne changes being audible (as I would expect as N8 does not have ARA). Then I re-saved the project in N8 and opened it again in N10. Low and behold the original Melodyne changes made in N10 were audible again even though the project had been saved in N8 without them being audible. Pretty cool.

If I want to hear the Melodyne changes in N10 and N8 I guess I will have to use Melodyne as a Plugin (so without ARA) so that Melodyne can be used the old-fashioned way in both Nuendo versions.

This reminds me of that ribald ditty from the 1940’s:

“The Land Army tarts who fondle my parts, get theirs the old-fashioned way”


Yes. Or Bounce selection or Render in Place in Nuendo 10 to create a new project with the ARA extension bounced on it.

Why would I want to create a new, separate, project in this scenario?


Sorry, a mistake. I was thinking a new file with the ARA extension bounced in it.