Testis, Testis, One...Two...Three ?

I just set up an online photo hosting account and wanted to see how it worked.

This is a couple guys from Whitey Morgan & The 78s. Hard hitting honky tonkers out of Flint, Michigan. They played the Vintage Torque Fest with Wayne “The Train” in Maquoketa, IA and stayed at my buddy’s house the night before.

If you’re into that kind of music check them out. They’re the real deal.

Nice beards…

For some reason I’ve been getting these double post lately.
Pilot error.
Sorry bout that.


Hey, I know that guy on the left!
He owes me money!



online photo hosting account

great idea.



I thought it was over-grown chest hair. :laughing:

They look like they could work the door as well as the stage! :laughing:

They have Hair:cry:

What I don’t understand is why that Tele, with the lovely white binding, isn’t framed front-and-center … and close up … in that picture? No Sir! I don’t understand that side-view at all! :wink:

Here’s the whole band so nobody feels left out…

They do have some serious beard action going on. All but the fiddle player, thank goodness. I don’t know her well enough to comment on the chest hair. :open_mouth:

They are a little rough around the edges, but really nice guys. The fiddle player is a sweetheart, too.

This is as good as I could come up with on the Tele for you. These are video stills from my regular Samsung digital camera so they’re not the clearest.

And, while I’m in picture posting mode, I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours… :mrgreen:

I might as well throw in Wayne “The Train” while I’m at it. He has the best drummer I’ve never heard. :laughing:

Strange but that is often the case… I’ve met a bunch of bikers over the years, many of them were just so… (as long as you did not touch their hogs!)

That bass player looks like someone Nick and I know well. :wink: Especially in the second photo. :laughing:

Always nice to see (and hear) an
upright bass on a live gig.

Right on guys.