Text and fermata placement

By default Dorico places a fermata above any(?) Playing Technique text, but I would rather have the fermata directly above the note and the text above the fermata.


In my current project there are too many occurrences for me to adjust manually; by any chance is this controlled by a setting somewhere?


I’ll actually stick my neck out and say this is “incorrect”. I’ve been looking through dozens of published scores specifically where “con sord.” or “senza sord.” is written, and not once have I seen the fermata pushed out the way to favour the text.

I think it is a result of how Dorico stacks different types of object, and certainly not ideal. One workaround is to displace the con sord grid position so it does not coincide with the fermata, but you still need to drag it eventually.

My quick & dirty workaround: hide the actual playing technique, then replicate it using Shift-X text. I have set the Default Text paragraph style to be exactly the same as the Playing Technique Font font style, so this is very efficient.

I agree that playing techniques should be positioned outside pauses. We can change this, but due to the way the ordering of collision avoidance is set up in Dorico at the moment, the change will affect all projects, past, present and future. So if you have spent time manually adjusting the relative ordering of these items, you’ll need to redo those edits in future versions of the software.


O, good to know…

Thanks Daniel, I really hope you can change this as soon as possible.


I echo the need for this update. I have been manually moving text in engrave mode, and it’s a lot of work to keep track of in the cleanup process of a big score.

The good news is this will be implemented in the forthcoming Dorico 5.1 update.