Text and text frame alignment in Engrave mode

I am in Engrave mode in the attached project. I am attempting to align the “arranger” text full right, just like the composer text. I am unable to see any differences in the properties settings but there is space to the right of the text (arranger) in the arranger text frame. Can someone explain me how to achieve full-right alignment?

Also, I do not know of any way to reliably call up the properties tab when I double-click on a text frame. Sometimes it comes up and sometimes it does not. Any help please?
Remanso Transcription 05112024.dorico (1.5 MB)

If one put the text cursor after the composer in the First Page Template and presses RETURN,, the cursor moves down to the next line and inherits the right alignment from the line above.

One may then have to adjust the composer frame size to allow for the extra line of text and change the Vertical Alignment of the Composer and Lyricist frame to Top to keep them in alignment.

Remanso Transcription 05112024_altered.dorico (1.3 MB)

When you’re inside a text frame, I don’t think the Properties panel is accessible - if you want to set properties on a text frame, you do this by selecting the frame (single-click, not double-click)

To determine the horizontal alignment of text in a text frame, either:

  1. Use a paragraph style that is set to use the appropriate alignment in the Library > Paragraph Styles dialog (eg the Composer paragraph style is auto-set to be right-aligned, whereas the Lyricist style is set to be left-aligned) - for simplicity, you could reuse the Composer paragraph style as that will ensure both bits of text appear the same size, with the same alignment, formatting etc (that’s what paragraph styles are for: consistent text formatting)

  2. Use the text editor options that appear above the cursor when you’re inside the text frame to change the alignment. This can be quicker than setting up paragraph styles, but requires manual setting every time you enter text and is liable to be inconsistent.

It looks like I inserted a space after the arranger token Once removed, the test aligned

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