Text bubbles?

Is there a way to use text bubbles in the style of Busoni or Grainger? Same as “thought bubbles” in cartoons.

Welcome to the forum! I’m a fairly new user of Dorico 4, but I think I may be able to help you with this question.

Enter the text you want by hitting shift-X and typing what you want. After you exit that text entry dialog click on that text item and be sure the bottom panel (Properties) is open. You’ll see an item for “border” – click the little button and it will turn blue and there will be a border around the text.

You can set things up so that every text item can have a box around it by editing Library/ParagraphStyle and in that dialog you can define the thickness of the box around the text and other settings.

But if you want a box only around some text items but want to leave other text items unboxed, using the Properties dialog is the best way. Unfortunately I don’t see a way to edit the thickness of the line for those boxed texts.

This will replicate what I see in Grainger scores.

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My guess is he’s looking for these. Which is not possible.


Ahh – I find those so distracting in what few Grainger scores I’ve done with my community band.
In my opinion just writing the instruments for the upper notes and the instruments for the lower notes without those curvy lines is perfectly clear. I had opened a Grainger score from IMSLP and only noticed the square-boxed text. Those curvy lines would need to be added to a PDF file in a PDF editing program that allows free-hand line drawing. Foxit PDF (even the free version) allows that.

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Yes, the curvy lines are what I was looking for, per Craig_F above. Thanks guys!