Text, down arrow to get to end of text

With Mac, often you can press the down arrow to get to the end of a selected text string (or up arrow to go to the start). I have noticed this does not happen with text in Dorico. Would this be able to be considered or perhaps there is a reason why this cannot be done. Thanks.

I’ll make a note of this suggestion. The text editor we’re using doesn’t do this by itself, but perhaps we can in due course adjust it such that it does.

Thank you. (Obviously not greatly important, but I do find it very useful).

And when you press the up arrow, you get to the beginning of the text if there is only one line. It actually could be very useful to select some text you’ve just written (in shift+X mode for instance) to change the size, since that change is only effective when the text is selected : only press shift and up arrow and the whole text is selected !

Could you also consider shortcuts for different styles in text mode? Like ctrl-B for bold, ctrl-I for italics, ctrl-U for underline and so forth. Most (all) text editors I know use these.

It’s not entirely straightforward to set up these shortcuts, because Dorico doesn’t toggle bold and italic like other simple text editors: instead it uses a sophisticated set of font styles that can include all of the weights and styles in a family (e.g. Light, Condensed, Semibold, etc.), which don’t map cleanly onto simple binary options like bold on/off.