Text editor spin control button overlap

In 4.2 I am seeing an asymmetrical and misleading appearance of the up- and down-buttons for values in the Text editor window:
Spin Overlap

On each control, the down-button appears to be overlapping the up-button. I say this because there are quite a few pixels in the middle where the up-button still functions, even though I’m clicking on what looks like the down-button. I’m trying to reduce the size but it keeps going up, until I move farther down to click.

On closer inspection, I see the buttons highlight on mouse-over to show what will happen, which is great. But as I mouse upward, the up-button highlights way in front of the tip of the hand cursor, when I’ve got its finger right on the down-chevron. (I would provide a screenshot including my cursor, but it seems Dorico doesn’t want to cooperate with that feature.)

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look.