Text Entry: A suggestion...

Having spent most of today going back over an old vocal score adding in text (stage instructions, orchestration cues, spoken word…", I wondered whether it might be possible to use the Shift-X popover not just to enter the text but to select the formatting as well. At the moment its a two stage process - could it be done in 1? Could one put a code in at the start of the text entry which would call up the required format?

Would have saved me a ton of work today…

Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve - I’m done for the day, Happy Christmas and best wishes to one and all.

David, there is indeed such an option in 2.2. That is to say, you can now assign a custom key command to call up whichever paragraph style you want from the list of available ones.

Page 38-39: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Dorico_Pro_2_and_Dorico_Elements_2/2.2/Dorico_2.2_Version_History.pdf

And Merry Christmas to all and sundry. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan. I must have skipped over that when reading through the PDF… Anyway, great news, that’ll save me a bunch of time in future.

Ah. Not quite what I was suggesting. User Paragraph Styles don’t appear to be available for key commands and, to be honest, I’m pretty much at peak level when it comes to learning further key commands. These days I’m leaning heavily on Stream Deck to help me in that area. But It occurs to me that If I could overwrite the system Paragraph Styles, I could then create a menu in Stream Deck to call up the formats I use regularly. A bit Heath Robinson, but it should work.

My suggestion - and I genuinely have no idea whether it’'s even possible - was to include formatting instructions within the Shift-X popover. So, for example, if I’ve already assigned Paragraph Styles / Stage Instructions as #3, I could call up the popover and then type: #3 Eliza appears, dressed for the ball - thereby entering both the text and the format instructions at the same time.

Yes, I agree it would be nice to access user-defined paragraph styles, since many of the default ones aren’t really up for changing (since they’re used).

You can of course change whichever styles you aren’t using, and assign them to a key command. Not many options there, but it’s something. I’ve commandeered “Composer,” “Lyricist,” and “Default text” to custom styles since they don’t mess up anything in my projects. That gives me three formatting presets, which is all I need. I do wish the style names were more descriptive for what I’m using them for.

I think they do if you save your custom paragraph styles as default.

Aha. Thanks for that - much appreciated.

With no Save as Default or Reset to Saved Default buttons - i.e. the usual set up for the Option screens -I didn’t think there was a way to save them as defaults. I just assumed the star icon was something to do with favourites…