text fileds for parameters in score settings window not visible

When running Cubase 10.5.20 on Mac OS 10.15.2 or 10.14.6, I can no longer see the WHITE text on the BLACK background field in some entries in the score settings window. But when I run an older Cubase 10.0.60 this appears mostly normal. I realize Cubase 10 and Cubase 10.5 have separate preference folders as /Users//Library/{Cubase 10, Cubase 10.5}. I actually moved them aside and re-launched each Cuibase version so as to re-generate the preferences - but no change in the text fields that are missing.

I also could not find any preference setting for the font type/size in the “score settings” window. Did the default fonts used on the Mac change in Cubase 10.5? I would prefer not to have to continue to use 10.0.60. Happy to hear any suggestions (see screenshots below).


This is an known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Thank you for the quick confirmation. I tried the Nuendo 10 demo as well, but it has the same issue, maybe because it was just updated with the latest Cubase changes. I hope a fix for this is available soon to make scoring options usable again in both Cubase and Nuendo.