Text following a grid?


I hope everybody is well and healthy!

I have a (perhaps easy) question: How is it possible to create a text, which follows a grid, but not necessarily the notes (like lyrics).

As you see in the attachment, I want to write down the beats for counting under whole notes and whole rests. Is there a possibility to do this so that the text is fixed by the (e.g. quarter note) grid?

Thanks in advance!

There’s no automatically advancing text type, but you can do this with Shift+X text by showing the caret, entering e.g. “1” in the first Shift+X item, then once you leave the text editor, hit Space to advance the caret, then repeat at the next position, and so on. Once you’ve done a bar’s worth, you can use Ctrl+Shift+A to select all four text items, then copy and paste them to other bars.

Cool! Thank you very much! Its slow, but its save! :slight_smile: