Text for specific instruments

Hi folks,
Wondering if there’s a way to add text for several (but not all) instruments on a score, have it show up on each part, but only once per bracketed group on the score?

Application in this scenario is “2nd time only” for 8 parts (2 groups of 4) with the rest of the ensemble playing both times. Trying to avoid the “2nd time only” showing up on the score 8 times.
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum Jamie! If you don’t want literally every instrument to get the text in their parts (for which system-attached text would probably be the easiest option), then you can input staff-attached text on the relevant staves, and with the property scope set to Locally, hide the text items you don’t want to see in the score whilst leaving them shown in the separate part layout.

You could use System Text, which will show up in the score according the instrument groups you’ve selected in Layout Options: you would then Hide it from those instrumental parts that didn’t need it. This would work best when only a small proportion don’t have the text.