Text formatting in Score changed in 7.5

I just went to add some layout text in the Score Editor for the first time since upgrading to 7.5 and found it had changed, and not it seems for the better unless I’m missing something.

Previously when you went to add text it opened a dialog box where you could enter the text, set formatting (font size, bolding, etc.), and specify what pages to display the text on. In 7.5 it just puts the cursor on the page wherever you click and you can type directly onto the page in (I think) 10 point font. Not exactly what I want for say a title. Eventually I figured out that if after entering the text, I could select the text and go to the Score Settings, Text Tab, Selection Tab to format the font. However there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify that the text should be included on every page. If I right click on some text there is an option to show properties which doesn’t seem to do much of anything.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Page text (which can go on the Layout or the Project layer)?

Steve, where do you get your supernatural powers of perception? :astonished:

Yes, I was using Page text on the on the Layout layer. But I just checked and the text entry now works as described above for both Layout text and Page text on either the Layout or Project layers.

Wait. This?

Yes exactly. That stopped appearing. However after seeing it work for you & playing around I found it works as expected on a project created in 7.5, but not on a couple of projects initially created in a previous version and saved as 7.5 - but not all earlier creations. Likely some oddity in only one 7.0.x incarnation.

Hmm. Interesting…