Text Frame Question PLEASE!

Hi guys,

In Sibelius, I could choose to add a text frame (either boxed or not) that is connected either to the TOP stave of the score OR for it to appear on EACH stave in the score.

Scenario one:
I need a boxed text frame ONLY on top of the score reminding the conductor something.

Scenario two:
I need a boxed/or not boxed text frame that one place on the top of the score, but as it is a "System Text Box), it will appear on EVERY part of the score.

Is there a way to manipulate text frames to be only ONE text frame and can one set a setting that will duplicate that text frame on every stave.

Sibelius users, please check pic.
Pic1: The different kinds of text boxes
Pic2: The System text box in on top of the score but is also placed on the parts.
Pic3: The Normal Text Box is only on where placed on the score.

You might want to modify the master pages for full score and for parts, in order to input the text in all parts (and full score). Otherwise, you can add a text frame in any page you need in engrave mode, but then it’s a one time only :wink:

There could be some questions about that for the coming session with John Barron on YouTube (on Thursday)

Thank you MarcLarcher. Of course, I have no clue what you’re talking about the master pages, but I’ll catch on. I wish I had your knowledge about Dorico already. Nice to have pro’s like you here! :wink:

I wish the coders could make life a little easier like in Sibelius. Just some stuff! :unamused:

Dear Hans,

I am no pro (look my signature) at least not in music engravement ! I find Dorico to be just as logical as I wished.
Please do ask exactly what you want to achieve to John Barron, for he will give us a great masterclass on thursday, and I am sure what you want to achieve is something that could be useful for many of us !
[Edit] I just told John about that, he will see what he can show us!

If you create a text frame you can set it to have a border in the Properties panel.

You could add the frame to the master page, but that’s not going to be in the right place on all the parts.

In v1.1 there is a system text option, but you can’t give that a border at the moment.

I’ll see if I can cover the available options in the Discover Dorico session on Thursday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqM2vffwgAw

Steinberg coders are doing more. They are making our lives much easier than in Sibelius. :smiley: