Text Frame (the green one)

I have a "full score"page with multiple flows, to get what i need, I go to the “Engrave Tab” and use "Make into a Frame’ to get the flows in one page.
Then I select “guitar” in the top bar and organize my layout for the guitar doing the same thing, using Make into a frame to get what I need.
But when I start move the green frame with the title of the flow to its staff, its name change automatically to the next flow title. It does not do it with every flow, just some of them.
Have you already experienced that situation?
Thank you,

Global tokens such as {@flowTitle@} display the relevant information for the nearest flow, but it isn’t always obvious which flow is nearest. Or at least, Dorico’s idea of proximity doesn’t always match mine.

Fortunately you can use explicit tokens such as {@flow1Title@}, where the number corresponds to the flow number.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re going to be using text frames with the flow title token and want to position the text frames such that their top line is below the top of the music frame containing that flow, it’s probably safest to be explicit about the flow title as Leo suggests.

Good morning, thank you for your replies, it is work fine.