Text frame visibility per layout

I engrave choral music collections that often have multiple layouts (different keys, voicings, catalog numbers, etc.). I do a lot of editing of layout-specific info every time I export a layout. Is there a way to make text frames appear only on certain layout and not others?
Thank you in advance!

Text frames themselves are layout-specific, unless they come from the page template. Any custom text frames you add in Engrave mode will only appear in the layout in which you add them. If the frames come from the page template, you can create new page templates that include only the frames you want, and use those page templates instead of the default one.

If you’re instead talking about Shift+X text items, you can hide them using the Hide property, which, provided you have Set local properties set to Locally rather than Globally will affect only the current layout.

Thank you for your quick and helpful response! I figured out what the problem was: I had created my different layout by duplicating them and modifying each one. The text frames that were part of the original layout were somehow linked, so every time I edited them in one of the duplicated layouts, all of them were edited similarly. I deleted them, and recreated the frames that needed to be unique in each layout, and it now works. Thank you!