Text frames and instrument changes - how to do this

Ho can I do something like this

halfway easy with Dorico? This little passage took me almost an hour…

This just took me a couple of minutes:

Of course, I already have Dorico configured with a few hacks to make this easier.

  1. Obviously it’s easy to go ahead and set up a Boxed Text Paragraph Style.
  2. I already have a 1-line non-percussion staff set up in my default. Here’s a thread where custom instrument set ups are discussed.
  3. I never use the small slash slash notation, so I have my small slash notehead deleted from the Notehead Set. I can apply slash notation, click the small slash property, and then I basically can create a “blank notation” region.

All those above tricks make stuff like this go a lot faster!

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Also, I just added the Text as Shift-X text and applied the Paragraph Style. Are you using Text Frame page overrides? If you want the text to be attached to a specific location in the music, I would be inclined to use Shift-X text so it can move with the music if the layout changes.

Thanks a lot, especially the use of the slash notation and the paragraph style are very helpful!

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