text frames copy suggestion needed


today I have finished a score where I have attached more than one text frames to the end of the score. Then I’ve realised that I want to have that text frames on other layouts I’ve created without to create again and fill with the text I’ve typed in the main frames.
Any suggestion for copy/paste on other layouts? Thanks :wink:

If you created your text frames directly in the layout (as a page override, indicated by a red triangle in the panel on the right in Engrave mode), I’d recommend recreating them as a master page that you can then apply in all other layouts that use the same master page set. You can also import it into other master page sets.

If you copy/paste the text, its formatting won’t be preserved but it still shouldn’t take too long.

Thanks Lillie for your fast reply.
Yes, I’ve created the text frames directly into the layout overriding the master page scheme.
I’ve selected frames and then I’ve tried to use the “paste selected frames” command available on the page thumbnail of the new layout that I want to paste but this does not works from one layout to another, only in the same layout. maybe this should works and the software don’t handle correctly this?
Anyway I appreciate your suggestion, this seems to be the only way at the moment. Hope that the team can allow this cross layout copy/paste in the future.
Thanks :wink:

No, you can only copy frames to other pages in the same layout. If you want to reuse frames/page formatting in multiple layouts, you need to make a master page. I would recommend doing this method even if cross-layout copying of frames were possible, because page overrides are vulnerable in that if for any reason you later need to remove overrides from a page (because you e.g. updated the underlying master page and want those changes to appear on the overridden page too, which they wouldn’t automatically) you lose all your overrides. Having them “saved” in a master page gives you more flexibility and safety.

All is clear, for the future I’ll work in this way as default for best achieve professional and safe results.
Thanks Lillie for your support, have a good work.