Text frames do not follow the flow if it is moved

Hi everyone! as per the title I have this problem: the text frames do not follow the flow if it is moved

I have created a project with 14 flows, basically it’s a project with a repertoire (one song per flow) for something that I will have to play. some flows contain written music, other flowss contain text frames that remind me only of some details (because maybe I know the song contained in that stream well).

as the lineup has changed I had to move the last flow to a more central position. when I do this the text frames I created have ignored the flow shift and continue to be visible overlapping the music written in other streams.

I remember having this problem a long time ago, but yesterday I didn’t think about it anymore. by now I have worked this way. is there a practical way to make text frames “anchor” to the flow in which they are contained?

thanks for your help!

Unfortunately not. Text frames are currently linked to pages, not flows. I agree it’s not ideal.

Thank you for your answer So I have to do all the work all over again?

In this case, I prefer to use staff text attached to the start of the flow. There’s an option to align it to the left margin. That way it always moves with the flow.


Thank you!!!
hopefully make text frames tied to flows in the future …

Would putting the text for each flow into the flow subtitle work?

Yes. Actually you can have as many flow headings as you need, and manually change the flow headings in the top right panel in Engrave mode. It was extremely helpful to input text cues for the conductor before every number of an operetta

thanks, it can be a solution!

however the text frames I created do not have a fixed position for each flow.

it would be very useful if the text frames created followed the flows and were also reflected in the parts.

for now i think i will use the new selective export function of flows, then i will reorder based on the playlist in a pdf editor.

thank you very much for your help !!! this is a great forum !! at any time of day or night someone always has a valid answer !!

I have put text for various flows into the Other Info field. I have also created different Page Templates to help position text where I needed it. Having some of this info in Page Templates lets me change where I apply the text by changing the Page Template assignment from one page to another as the paging changes.


When the text is not going to be at the start of the flow, I tend to use staff-text (shift x) since it can be edited quite nicely (no justification yet, of course) and it sticks to the music…
This is not a simple matter!

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Yes. That’s why I’m glad Dorico provides so many ways to attach text to pages, measures, and staves. Once Dorico allows us to use rich text throughout, this should be a godsend.

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