Text frames

How does one create a text frame so that – should its contents exceed the frame’s dimensions – the text will continue onto the following page?

So far, my first page – all music – contains master page overrides, and the second page – half music and half text – also contains overrides. I’ve inserted a blank third page (with no master page) but don’t know how to extend the second page’s text frame so that it continues onto the third page.

Wasn’t able to find any related entries in Dorico Help or this forum. . .

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions!

You can’t link text frames so they flow. Yet.


Thanks, Dan. So – just create new text frames (as required) on subsequent pages, and format the contents as tho’ they were ‘flowing’ from page to page?

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Dangit, Dan! I didn’t know I needed that feature until you put it like that.

That’s because you don’t input opéra comique in Dorico… I’ve been needing that text flow for three years now… :wink:

Judging from this forum, some users are also teachers and scholars, who can also benefit from linked text frames. :wink:

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Oh, it’s not that I never wanted it or have never used them in InDesign and Affinity Publisher. I just never even thought to wish for them in a notation app because it seemed so out-of-bounds! Now that it has been suggested, I needs it.

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Thank you for calling me out. :weary:

Oh, far from it, Dave – I’m one of the above, myself (ie, a teacher)! :smiley: And, like you, I would normally not have expected text behaviour from a notation app – but Dorico isn’t the typical notation app, and since it links music frames, the thought arose . . . perhaps it also links text frames. . .

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