Text in Full Score Only - What's your solution?

If you want some text for a particular bar in your full score but not in the parts, it’s crazy making to add system text and then go through each of the parts and hide it.

My “solution” is to add the text to the topmost part, and then hide it in that part. If need be I can shift it around a bit in Engrave.

This is a bit of a kludge. Does anyone have a better / different solution? Text frames are no good, since they are not linked to the bar.

Off the top of my head, I would just create two parts, one without the text which you would use to print out the individual part but which you’d omit in the Full Score layout (specified in Setup Mode); the other which you’d include in the Full Score Layout for printing but for which you would not generate an individual part to print out (also specified in Setup Mode)…

To be honest, that seems like the best method to me. And not that inconvenient, right?

To be honest, that seems like the best method to me. And not that inconvenient, right?

This is the best way I’ve found, but it doesn’t feel very ‘Dorico’ to add something to one player for the sake of it appearing in a particular layout.

A related question: Is there a way to have text in parts only?

Well, it’s a similar process. Create it in the full score on the desired part staff, hide it on the full score, and don’t propagate that hiding to the part. Easily done!

Text on score only. Another solution:

Ossia staves. Ossias can be shown in the score and turned off for parts. As long as you don’t need ossias in a a part this should work.

Create ossia above a staff.
Turn Ossias on for the score and off for the parts (or other way round if text is needed only in parts).
Remove barlines on the ossia staff (engrave options - barlines - ossias)
Add the text to the ossia.
Erase background of text (bottom of window).
Increase Erasure Padding left and right until staff lines are gone.

Hope this helps

I think this is the best solution at present.

It would be great if Dorico provides the following options in the properties panel of each item :

  • This item shows in show hide
  • the name of layout 1 [ ] [ ]
  • the name of layout 2 [ ] [ ]
  • the name of layout 3 [ ] [ ]
  • the name of layout 4 [ ] [ ]

Sorry, PyoungRyang, but that would be a poor solution for this requirement, and you won’t be seeing any controls in the Properties panel listing the names of layouts any time soon.

Perhaps you could make text on the score, hide it, propagate properties and then unhide it on the score only?

oh… I still have Finale-centered thoughts…

oh… I still have Finale-centered thoughts…
Nothing wrong with learning some things from the enemy…

Not sure my question is exactly the same, but I’d like to have a “top staff only” option for some text labels that I want to see in ALL the parts, but only on the top staff of the score.
Does this make sense? It would be kind of like a rehearsal mark, but just not formatted that way.
I noticed there’s a drop down in the text-enterer, but didn’t see this as an option. Did I miss it?

No, there’s not currently an option for this. You can get around it by dragging off the page, or setting transparency to zero.

That sounds like System Text to me, which is Shift-Alt-X, unless I’m missing something…

Oh bother. The simplest answer is staring me in the face.

The problem of system text is that it will appear where systems objects should appear. Top staff, but also top of whatever family has been chosen. That’s why I didn’t suggest it, although it can work if nothing has been selected in Layout options > System objects.

I’m sorry. What do you mean by “family”?

One can place System Text (SHIFT+ALT+X) at the top of a measure stack but also configure it to appear as well above different “families” of instruments: brass, percussion, strings, etc.

Thanks Derrek!