Text in Projekt layer!

How do I erase Text that i wrote in the Projekt Layer?
Note layer text are no problem only in Projekt Layer!!!

Not too sure what you mean by “in the project layer”
Could you maybe try to explain this differently or post a pic of the text?

Hello again, when you write text in the score you can chose different layers for the text, Note Layer,Layout Layer and Project Layer.
The Project Layertext is for text that you want to have on every instruments score pages .(Like formsymbols and so on…)
The Note Layer is just for score on each instruments score.
The problem is when I choose Project Layer for the text, I can´t erase the text afterwards if I have to do so.
I have have been searching for that textevent in the list editor but I can´t find it anywhere, so I´m stuck.
It´s impossible to just mark in in the score and just erase it.
Please help!!!

Ahh…so in the score editor. Unfortunately something I don’t really use.

I had a quick look and obviously not really sure what I’m doing but any form symbol or text I added using “words” were also selectable and deletable by hitting the delete key.

Yes all that is ok, but not in the projekt layer,after you’re done with your text you have no chance to mark it and then delete it!

I can delete it as far as I can see.

Here is exactly what I am doing.

  1. Open a midi event in Score editor
  2. Select Project layer from the drop down in the menu bar
  3. Select Words on the left and draw in to the score
  4. Select Form Symbols on the left and draw a selection in to the score

I can select any of these and delete them…is this what you can’t do?

Yes, the List Editor only shows events in the Note Layer, but why do you need to delete it from the List Editor?.. Just select it in the Score Editor and delete it from there :wink:.

EDIT: Ah! Grim replied at the same time :wink:

I think the OP meant they only tried the list editor because they were unable to delete in the score editor.

But seems to work for me and now confirmed by you too.

Ah yes, it does seem to read that way :wink:
The only thing I can think of that would prevent deleting an event, is if the Project layer is deactivated (the green “P” in the Score Editor’s extended toolbar)