Text indications and rehearsal marks missing in XML export

Hello there,

Trying to export some dorico file in XML and when opening in Sibelius Ultimate 2023 or Finale 27, every text indications and all the rehearsal marks are missing…

Is there a way to include these crucial parameters in in the exported .musicxml ?

Thanks by advance!

AFAIK Dorico does not export rehearsal marks in musicxml.

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Thanks @Janus! That’s a really annoying problem… Is it the same with text indications? Perhaps @dspreadbury can enlighten us on that topic?
It seems that some improvements have been made on the XML exporting features of Dorico in 2019 but I can’t find anything since then… Perhaps there is something new that I’ve missed?

I think for most software XML export is generally less well supported than XML import. It was ever thus.

There are many things Dorico doesn’t export in musicxml export. There are several threads on the forum about those. Between Finale, Sibelius, Dorico and MuseScore I find MuseScore does the best job exporting items, but even it is lacking. I think it depends on your final product needs but you might consider engraving in MuseScore when xml output is of primary importance.


We have been expending considerable effort on enriching MusicXML export over the last few months, and the forthcoming Dorico 5 update will include a lot of improvements in this area. There will still be more to do, but export will be considerably more complete from that update.


Great news! Thanks a lot @dspreadbury, looking forward to that then!