Text issues

How can I align text written below the staff with the dynamics?
Also, where do I have control over text styles?

Don’t know the answer to the 1st question but you will find the the Character and paragraph styles on the Engraver page. You can then create your own styles from those.



You can include arbitrary text in dynamics, don’t forget: e.g. type “p dolce e semplice” and the “p” will show up as the expected piano marking, and the remainder of the text will appear in the normal italic font afterwards. You can then subsequently edit the prefix/suffix for a selected dynamic in the Properties panel.

Yes but I have to write the p first and can’t write the text simply, right? so I should write it each time with p and then delete it?

That even won’t work because I can’t erase the P…
Let’s say I have a FP on a note and then a bar later I want to write sim. which will be with the same font of the dynamic text (the text which is not “P”) and I want the to be aligned. what’s the easiest way to do that?

In that case I would probably make a new paragraph style with the same font/size as the ‘Dynamics’ font style (by default, Academico italic, 10pt), and then use Shift+X to create a text item. But you could also do it putting in “p sim.” as a dynamic, and then switch off the ‘Show intensity marking’ property in the Properties panel for that dynamic.

Thanks. And what about alignment?

Dynamics will be aligned together if they are in the same group, but they will only be in the same group if they abut rhythmically at the moment. Soon you will be able to specify that discontiguous dynamics can be put into the same group, but until then you’ll have to align them manually in Engrave mode.