text marker export

Now that Cubase 6.5 has removed the ability to export arbitrary text markers via midi (It now only exports the marker ID number - earlier versions allowed arbitrary text in the notes field of the marker to be exported), is there ANY OTHER WAY TO GET TEXT MARKER LISTS OUT OF CUBASE?

The old knowledge base note method no longer works. The marker is still exported as a midi marker text field, but it’s content is the text for the marker number!



Hate to reply to myself, but I thought I’d close this thread off with some additional info and a resolution of sorts.

It seems the behavior I was seeing was not a change in the export contents, but the fact that the dummy track I use to cause the markers to export is no longer exported if it contains no midi content. This confused my tests enormously.

As a workaround, double clicking on the track’s event region seems to open the event editor and when it’s closed, some sort of dummy event seems to be created which then allows the the export to work properly for my purposes and the content seems to be as expected.

Sorry for the confusion, but the new behavior is definitely changed in ways I don’t fully understand.