Text offset in all layouts and bug?

I’ve just finished preparing a critical edition in Finale (that didn’t go too well, another story). Now it’s finished I’m copying it into Dorico for something to do to get used to the programme.

I need to place square brackets around editorial markings such as hairpins and playing techniques and have been using the text tool and then aligning with the offset function (the fine tuning possible is something I’m loving). The offset values aren’t carried into other layouts though. Is there a way of making this happen?

Ideally you’d be able to place square brackets around things the way you can with parentheses but if this is a bit niche the text tool will do fine if I know that however I edit it in the full score will also happen in parts.

I don’t know if anyone has already brought this up but if you select one piece of text and edit the offset, then select another piece of text, the offset values are still changing the previous selection. You have to select something else beforehand in order to be moving the right object.

Unfortunately there’s no way to copy properties such as X and Y offsets from one layout to another as yet, but this is definitely something we intend to do. We also intend to make it possible to bracket (either with parentheses or square brackets) most items in the future, though this will take a bit of time for us to get to.

I’m unable to reproduce the problem you describe with changing the offset properties apparently changing the position of an item that is no longer selected, I’m afraid.