Text Order

I presume that there’s no way to order stacked text objects, but why, when I Alt-click two text objects to a new location, does that order change?

Screenshot 3.png
Screenshot 4.png

Doesn’t Dorico stack separate text objects according to the order in which they’re entered or copied? If I enter two different text objects at the same rhythmic position, they’re ordered from bottom to top, the second one being placed above the first. If I select and copy both, they get placed in the same order at the destination. If I copy the top one first and then the bottom one, their order will be reversed. I just experimented with this and if I try to change the stacking order of two text objects in Engrave mode, they seem to jump around wildly, almost as though Dorico is trying to restore the original stacking order. Is this what you’re experiencing?

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Ah: yes, I think it is doing it in the order they’re entered. I can also force the order by moving one of them (in Write mode) away from the stack and then back again, to put it to the top.

I guess the alt-click copy and paste must do each item in turn.

Engrave mode is probably a bad idea: it’ll be trying to avoid collisions and move them relative to their anchored positions. For a moment there, from what you said, I thought there was actually a stacking order property. I’m sure there will be one day.