Text positioning

Hello friends!

Does anyone know how to move the div. text underneath the mp marc. in this example—in Write mode?

thiagotiberio, sorry, a question: why are the dynamics above the staff? This looks unfamiliar to me.

You can’t change the order in which Dorico decides to stack things outside the staff. Text objects go outside dynamics. If you want to change that, it is done by moving things in Engrave mode.

My guess (not that you asked me :wink: ) is that the dynamics apply to the upper voice, and there are also dynamics below the staff for the lower voice.

Correct! :wink:

Sorry I have no idea what the “proper” engraving of something like this is, I just know it looks funny to me… time to pull out my G. Read guide, I think—it’s got to be here somewhere… :confused:

I’m not saying that in all circumstances in all published music that text objects go outside dynamics: I’m saying that in Dorico text objects go outside dynamics.

On occasion, I have written “div.” as a prefix when used concurrently with dynamics.

Interesting idea, Claude—I’ll look into it. Thanks for sharing!