Text shows in different place full score/part layout

Piano concerto, so full score + piano solo, and also a second piano part (orchestral reduction).
I’ve created a print layout that just shows Solo piano + Piano 2.
In the full score I’ve got square brackets (created using Shift-X) round some accidentals in the Solo Piano. In Engrave mode I can move the brackets so they’re round the accidental. All good so far.
In Print Mode for the Solo Piano + Piano 2 layout, the brackets have moved back to their original input position, up in the air and nowhere near the accidentals they need to go round.
How do I persuade the brackets to stay round the accidentals I moved them to, no matter which layout I’m in?

Select them in the main score and go Edit > Propagate Properties. This copies the coordinates etc. from one layout to another - they don’t then remain linked - so if you make further changes in the score you’ll need to Propagate again.

Great! Works a treat - thanks.