Text Size Oddity

I’ve encountered a strange behaviour in changing text size. I have one specific text element which refuses to stay at the size I want it. When I select it or go to edit it (single or double-click), it appears the correct size, but as soon as I deselect it it reverts back to the default. This happens in Write and Engrave mode, and it appears at the incorrect size in Print mode too.

Have a look: https://youtu.be/JPEP4d0LLjU

Does anyone have ideas on this?

If you delete the text and recreate it, does that help?

If you can’t solve it, please zip up and attach the project here and I’ll gladly take a look to see if I can figure out what might be going on.

Deleting it produces the same results so far.
I’ve attached the ZIP
Lingus Legend.dorico.zip (267 KB)

Well, this is a bit of a mystery, I’m afraid. I’m unable to reproduce the problem you’re seeing: the text always shows at the same size, both when selected, when unselected, and within the text editor.

Ah well, thanks for the help anyway! Could it be something to do with the fact that I’d made my own custom paragraph style?

It could, but I doubt it, because I also see your custom paragraph style in your project, and it all seems to be set up absolutely fine, as far as I can tell.