Text style option: uppercase

May I cordially request an option/checkbox to convert text objects to uppercase (or lowercase, or title case – similar to the text-transform CSS property) in the text styles panel? This way we wouldn’t have to enter this manually in the project info, and/or we could have different styles for score and parts (or cover pages and regular titles).

I would love that too. But maybe it would require to use a font that contains small capitals, I’m not sure Academico does.

Small caps is something different than all caps, though. Small capitals are already possible with, as you said, a font that contains those, since the small capitals are basically replacements for lowercase letters. However, uppercase is all capital letters, and this has nothing to do with a small caps font.

A quick try to get it in TextEdit then a search for ‘Academico small caps’ in Google suggests that it doesn’t.

This would be extremely useful, especially with separate options for uppercase and small caps (real small caps, not the terrible fake ones).

Just bumping this request too. Often a title will be in all caps on the first page and then mixed on subsequent pages. InDesign lets you do this really easily with any text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K. It’s not that hard to change a title, but having the ability to automate it would be nice.

I would enjoy this too. I’d also like the ability to control the line spacing. I have one font that I love to use but due to it’s fancy characters, it has very large default margins. In other programs I can minimize the line spacing whenever I don’t use those characters so the font looks nice. I haven’t figured out a way to do that in Dorico yet, short of making each line its own text object or box.

Just wondering: are you aware of the Leading option in the Paragraph Styles dialog?

An option to set the case of titles would of course be useful. However, changing capitalization of titles automatically is something that requires careful programming. The software has to take into account the language of the title (as opposed to that of the software used) and know which words should be set in lowercase (e.g., articles, common coordinating conjunctions, prepositions for titles in English) to avoid producing titles like “Concerto For Piano And Orchestra No. 5 In E-Flat Major” when “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no. 5 in E-flat Major” is desired. It must also be able to deal with other languages, for instance French, where one may choose either the traditional rules or the modern ones (similar to sentence-style capitalization). Seeing a title like “Les Sons Et Les Parfums Tournent Dans L’Air Du Soir” would be tough to swallow.

Dear Marc-André,
I’d be happy to learn what are the modern rules you’re talking about in French capitalization. Last time I checked, I only found one set of rules… I probably overlooked something!

You’re right that Academico doesn’t have Small Caps. But, back in the 20th century, there would be separate, alternate font files for ‘Regular’ lettering and for Small Caps, using the same character positions, and you simply changed the typeface’s style to “Small Caps”, in any application.

However, now we have Unicode fonts that (can) include Small Cap glyphs within them, and it’s up to the Application to include controls for things like All Caps and Small Caps. I’d love to see these in Dorico.

There are still typefaces whose design does not include lower case, such as Copperplate Gothic or Trajan Titling, of course.

At present Dorico doesn’t have access to stylistic sets or stylistic alternates in OpenType fonts. We hope that a future version of Qt will provide improved access to these advanced font features.

We do plan to add features to display text in all upper case, all lower case, or some kind of title case (notwithstanding the different conventions used in title case in English, let alone other languages) but we need to integrate some more sophisticated technology for internationalisation before this can be done properly. It’s on the backlog but not likely to be imminent.


Have a look at https://roberge.mus.ulaval.ca/gdrm/03-majus.htm.

Merci pour ce lien ! J’ignorais les règles modernes et ai cru (à tort) à une méconnaissance des auteurs… À étudier attentivement !

I agree that it would be really fantastic for Dorico to expose all the OpenType features of a typeface.

I wouldn’t overthink and overcomplicate this too much (just yet). The (proper) title case could be input by the user manually, if desired; then we only need a toggle/button to transform it to all uppercase or lowercase (at least in a first implementation).

Start simple, get fancier later on.

Interestingly, I wasn’t. It had never really grabbed my attention before as the publishing software I use terms this function differently. When I first started playing around with it, I didn’t notice any results with the font in question. In fact, I couldn’t see anything until I changed the value to 50%. Perhaps it is just a quirk with this font. At any rate, I’m glad to know of it now, but I do wish it was one of the features available on the text pop up controls rather than forcing you to always create a new paragraph style in each project.

So do I, as I use this option rather regularly.
I think I requested this before, and I seem to remember that Daniel said they would add it at some point. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Daniel…)

Just wondering, are you aware that you can save paragraph styles as default? (It’s the little star button at the bottom of the list.) :slight_smile:

I would also like to put in a vote for an uppercase function within the paragraph style options. The only way I can see to have e.g. the composer in uppercase in one place and mixed case elsewhere is to add the capitalized version as another field in Project Info and then use the different tokens in different places.