Text/symbol in circular enclosure?

Hi all,
I use an arrow or > symbol inside a circle to denote a patch change in my scores (example attached). This is easy to accomplish in Sibelius but I can’t figure out how to do it in Dorico. Any suggestions welcome!
Many thanks

Dorico doesn’t have a feature to enclose an arbitrary bit of text in a circle, I’m afraid. Perhaps you could make something appropriate using Library > Playing Techniques?

Thanks Daniel. I’ve got close to what I want. Only issue is the circle outline ends up very thick as I’m basically using the open percussion technique circle scaled up which is quite small originally. Is there a larger circle anywhere that I’ve missed?

In Unicode you have a character U+25EF (LARGE CIRCLE): ◯ which looks much thinner. I haven’t tried if you can use it as an enclosure in a PT.

That’s done it! Thank you both