Text that is ONLY visible in the full score?

Take a look at my screenshot:

Trumpet 1 plays con sord in m60 and beyond. All other brass play con sord in m62. I didn’t put a “con sord” in m62 of the trumpet 1 part because it’s redundant for that player.

However, in the full score, there’s a page break at m61, therefore it looks strange for the CONDUCTOR not to see trumpet 1 with a “con sord” (at least, in brackets) in m62. It looks like an omission.

How can I insert a “(con sord)” in trumpet 1 m62, but not have it show up in the trumpet 1 printed part?

(I’m thinking I would include the parentheses as a tacit reminder that it’s redundant, however, I’d be interested in opinions if you would leave the parentheses off, for consistency with the other instruments.)

With your properties set to Local in the bottom panel, switch to the part layout, select that text, and hide it.

Thanks Dan!

( P.S. This is not “system text”; the thread title is misleading as is. )