Text to appear in part only?

Does anyone know if there’s a way (even a workaround) to make a piece of staff text appear in the part but not in the score?

Thanks as always.


Yes, you can use the color property. Set the alpha channel to zero in the score. This will not affect the same text object in the part. The downside is that the invisible text will still affect the spacing.
You could also put a text frame on top of the music frame in the part.

Thanks, fkretlow.

OK, tried it, fkretlow. I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say “set the alpha channel to zero in the score.” In the text edit popup, I see two color choices, Foreground and Background.

When I go into those, I don’t see any “alpha” choices in any of the methods of setting color (I’m on a Mac) and the only place I see that I can adjust to a percentage of any kind is Opacity. If I set that to 0% and the foreground color to either full black or full white, the text disappears in both the score and the part. And when I revisit the edit, the Opacity has returned to 100%—it doesn’t appear to stick at 0%.

Can you give me more specific guidance, or point out whatever it is that I’m missing?

Btw, putting the text frame into the part worked perfectly, of course—I had never thought of that. But I’d still like to know how to do what you’re suggesting.

Thanks much.

I think he means in the properties panel, after you have entered the text. The first set says common, and there you can change colors.

Not 100% sure this is what fkretlow meant, but I have a feeling it might be.


Select the text item. In the bottom pane (in either Write or Engrave mode) flick the Color switch, then click the black square that appears. Drag the Opacity slider to the far left, or type 0 into the percentage box. Click OK.

Sorry for not being clear, Lew. Robby and Leo are right, I was talking about the color option in the properties panel.

Thanks, Guys,

I still haven’t formed the habit of looking for solutions in the Properties Panel. As Leo made clear, it worked perfectly.

And it goes the other way around, too—if you treat it that way in the part, it disappears there but still appears in the score. Good to know!

When is Dorico going to have the function for texts, techniques, and other objects in music to appear either in parts or full score? The workaround of changing color still affects the spacing, which kills one of, if not, the best thing about Dorico: intelligent automatic placement!

One may also simply drag the text off the page…

Another option is to create a new Playing Technique with the text you want. You can assign the Playing Technique to a part on the score and in the Playing Techniques properties box toggle the “Hidden” option. It is still visible in the part and doesn’t affect the spacing of the score.