Text Token Doesn't Populate and

I have a text token at the bottom of the page and it doesn’t populate correctly. all others do. I have page overrides and when I click remove page overrides the page is removed. this is confusing. how do I make the token work? why are the pages removed?

Hello @bennett.j - the way Dorico works with master pages might take a little getting used to. If you’ve not watched this video already, I’d recommend it as an introduction to master pages and how music flows through music frames automatically using them -

(Some details have changed a bit since this video, but fundamentally it all still applies)

The tokens don’t populate because they are flow tokens, which means they automatically populate with the nearest flow on the same page. When there’s no music on the page, they won’t populate. Read the note at the top of this page for more information.

Overridden pages that don’t contain music, and therefore aren’t strictly needed in order to display the music assigned to the layout, are deleted when you remove the override - this is because according to the default preparation of pages, they’re not needed: the music finishes on an earlier page. For more information about page overrides, see here.

Would you like to share a bit more information about the project you’re working on, and how you ended up with page overrides on most pages? It’s possible that there’s a higher-level way of achieving what you want, which will be quicker to do in the long-run, more reliable (as in, changes aren’t only fixed to a single page but saved elsewhere and can be reused in other layouts) and also more consistent across multiple layouts.

On a side note, it looks like you’ve copied the formatting of page 6 onto page 7 - the text token containing the page number token is on the left on p7 but its paragraph style is still set to appear on the outside edges, meaning it’s aligned to the right edge of the text frame. I suspect you either want the page number token consistently in the bottom left corner, and therefore want the paragraph style to be left-aligned, or you want it on the outside edges, and therefore want the text frame itself to be in the bottom right corner.

Thanks. I have watched all the videos multiple times, in Deutsch too even though I don’t understand very much.

This is some nuanced software LOL!

I’m creating lecture materials. I have created a master page for pages marking a new section (chapter of sorts) and a master page that is basically blank (pictured) for the lecture text and music. Additionally I created a couple one off pages that are at the beginning and won’t use again (no need for a master page there).

Ah, yes one thing to know is that when you insert a page with a master page selected, that’s still considered a page override - essentially, you’re inserting a page as an override that starts with the template from the selected master page.

What I sometimes do is insert a blank page, assign a master page change to it with the master page I want it to use, then remove the page override - leaving behind the master page change.

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OOOhhhh. Ok.

@Lillie_Harris do text frames chain siilarly to music frames? I have a lot of text and I would be ideal if it flowed fro one frame to the next.

Not yet.

Yep, some of us are excitedly waiting for that one! Looking forward to the day when I can keep a whole textbook in Dorico…

Swing and a miss then. Why would the product designers decide not to have that same functionality for text? Seems pretty obvious to me. I keep saying this software os POTENTIALLY really powerful. It’s like 90% there. Could CRUSH all competitors on the market if they could just get that last 10%…


I work in tech and some of the “misses” in Dorico are astonishing to me. I can’t wait to move away from using 3-4 different programs to just one.

Dorico can’t do everything yet. Development time is limited and costs money, and the team has to prioritize what they feel is most strategic.

For example, take condensing. That alone was a massive development cost, and no other software does this. Developers always have to make choices. I’m sure linked frames will come in time.

Also, I understand how you feel, but that “10%” is a fantasy. It’ll never be 100% because users will always want more features. At some point you have to release what you have, and work towards the next release cycle.

Dorico has transformed my professional work. Rather than complain about the handful of small things it doesn’t do, I enjoy the zillion thing it does do that make my work easier.

Also, there are some things I think will always require other programs to tag team. I can’t imagine I’ll ever totally move away from InDesign, or Illustrator.

A hunt through the Preferences > Key Commands dialog indicates that at some point (prior to the v1 release) some foundations were laid for chaining text frames together.

This forum is chock full of people with different requirements and requests. They can’t all be done at once. A never-ending todo list does indeed mean that things that were on it five years ago may still be on it now.

Fair enough, I was just sooo very hopeful for a perfectly simplified workflow

Yeah. I know. I have to advocate for priorities at work in a similar way. I’ve been at startups with huge product roadmaps.

It’s not often I find myself on the other side though. HAHA